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Anexil is an effective relaxing remedy which is not a synthetic medical drug and is produced on the basis of the natural vegetable ingredients.

This product is rarely used in the medical practice because it has a mild effect and in most cases it is used in private practice to improve the general health condition.

The natural components and different extracts are not only effectively restore the work of the central nervous system but also are completely safe for the patient, and that is why this remedy suits almost all people without any exceptions.

Anexil struggles with sleep disorder and also different disorders of the central nervous system which are caused by the emotional overstrain. This remedy helps to regulate a full and calm sleep, increases strength of the patient and also allows to be more active within the entire day. In other words, this remedy is meant for those who want to relax and have a good sleep but they cannot do it because of any disorders.

Anexil does not provide the action as to muscular system, and therefore it is ineffective to remove spasms and different muscular disorders. It acts only to the central nervous system and brain helping to relax and get energy.

Buy Anexil Online

Indications for use

  • any sleep disorders (including often awakings, anxious sleep, insomnia)
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • tiredness
  • nervous breakdown
  • emotional overstress

Maybe, this product is effective during other light disorders of the central nervous system but only in combination with medical remedies because the natural components do not provide a strong and prompt action.

Way of use and dosage

  • The dosage regime is chosen by the patient individually. Depending on the severity of the insomnia or other disorder the patient should feel the action of the drug and what dose will be the most optimal.
  • Usually, the treatment is started from one tablet before going to bed
  • The length of the therapy is 7 days, and then it is needed to terminate the use of the tabs
  • If the symptoms of the disorder do not disappear in one week of the treatment, it is possible to repeat the therapy in one week and if necessary to increase the dose up to 2 tablets.
  • The therapeutic effect is developed slowly, and therefore a complete recovery of the sleep occurs at the end of the first week.
After gaining the result you can be confident in the prolonged effect. This drug will restore the normal sleep and help to overcome any stress situation.



  • Do not use the drug for a long period of time because it may break the work of the central nervous system in the process of the prolonged treatment and relax it, and this will lead to slow response and loss of concentration.
  • Before using the tablets it is needed to study the content of the drug. If you noticed that Anexil includes the products of the vegetable origin to which you had allergic reactions, do not start the treatment.
  • The exact data about the use of Anexil during pregnancy is absent. Before starting the use of the drug pregnant women have to consult a doctor.
  • During the treatment it is recommended to restrict the activity which requires the increased concentration and speed of the psychomotor reactions (car driving).

Possible adverse effects

One of the basic pluses of Anexil is that it is completely safe for the patient and almost does not cause the side effects. It is well tolerated and you will not face any negative reactions of the body in case of the proper use and dosage regimen.

In the process of the study of Anexil it has been indicated that the side effects may appear only during the overdose and individual intolerance of the drug. The side effects included nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomachache, dizziness and allergic reaction. If these side effects appear, it is necessary to stop the use of the drug and see a doctor. Perhaps, the doctor will prescribe the symptomatic therapy, irrigate the stomach, and you will be able to use this drug again but with reduced daily dosage.

If the allergic reactions appear, the further treatment is contraindicated.