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Atenolol is often a medical product employed in the cardiology. It offers a superior a hypotensive along with antiarrhythmic activity. It carries a high cardioselective activity and also a broad-spectrum activity. It lowers cardiac defeats, inhibits a new conductivity along with excitability, lowers myocardial contractility.

The hypotensive influence is linked with the reduction in the cardiac output in the blood. The hypotensive activity lasts every day and night. And it can be stabilized with the end in the second week in the treatment in the regular employ.

The antianginal effect depends on the lessening of myocardium must in oxygen and so of this specific the rate in the cardiac contractions can be reduced.

The antiarrhythmic influence is trained by removing the arrhythmogenic components (tachycardia, increased activity in the nervous technique, and arterial hypertension).

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Directions for that use

  • Ischemic pick up disease
  • Stenocardia
  • Arterial hypertension (hypertensive situation)
  • Tremor
  • Prevention in the myocardial infarction
  • Rhythm dysfunction
  • Tachycardia
  • Prevention involving migraine

It's possible to buy Atenolol online at just about any convenient in your case time nevertheless before the start of the treatment experts recommend to have a very full lifetime of the health care examination to generate an actual diagnosis.

Typical Use

Though it may be possible to obtain Atenolol with no prescription in virtually any pharmacy the application of this product must be started with the individual recommendations in the doctor. An unacceptable treatment in the diseases in the cardiovascular system could potentially cause the increase in the side consequences.

  • Atenolol an eye are consumed orally ahead of meals with no chewing your tab is actually little involving liquids.
  • The first dose can be 25 - 50 mg/day
  • If needed, the daytoday dosage could possibly be increased by simply 50 mg every day in about 7 days after the start of the cure.
  • The maximum daily measure is 190 mg
  • In scenario of CHD along with disorders in the heart beat it can be taken 50 mg once every day.
  • Aged people are encouraged starting treatments from your minimal daytoday dose involving 25 mg
  • It can be unreasonable for you to prescribe a few times per morning because this specific drug operates within one day.
  • The duration of the cure course can be indicated individually good results in the treatment.


Atenolol with no prescription can be contraindicated to the use if your patient has one of several below talked about states:

  • cardiogenic distress
  • sharp along with chronic cardiovascular failure
  • bronchial asthma
  • individual hypersensitivity on the components in the drug
  • pancreatic diabetes
  • COPD
  • Renal along with hepatic ailments

The substance in smaller doses permeates through placental screen, and hence the prescription in the drug to the pregnant women have to be under your supervision in the attending medical professional.

If you will find there's need throughout taking your drug in the lactation, it is vital to remedy the question regarding the termination in the breast eating.

Possible Uncomfortable side effects

Most unwanted side effects are gentle and normally pass throughout 23 weeks in the regular using the substance.

Increasing your therapeutic measure the charge and severity in the side consequences are deliberately increased.

The inside reactions are generally nausea, dry out mouth, tummy upset, dizziness, substantial sweating, and disorder in the reaction. If your list in the indications on this drug accommodates your medical diagnosis, it is critical to obtain Atenolol online as quick as it can be and start treatments.

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Testimonials :

Emily, 27, LA

I started taking Atenolol by the prescription of the doctor during the disorder of the heart rate - tachycardia. When disorder of the heart beat happened, I had to turn to the doctor for the examination, and Atenolol was prescribed by the doctor. Of course, I felt some result in several days after the use of the drug, because Atenolol reduces the frequency of the heart rate but there were also minuses in the form of the side actions - low pressure, strong cooling of legs. My doctor told me that this medicine should be used by people with increased pressure because it has the hypotensive action, but the side effects were reduced in one week and I continued taking the medicine. Now I feel much better.

  • Christian, 40, Norfolk

Atenolol is a good medical product helping to regulate the increased arterial pressure and hear rate. When I felt sick, I went to the doctor who found the reason of my sickness in the high pressure and ischemic disease. The attending doctor selected me many different remedies, however the pressure was not low, and the pulse was over 100 per minute. Taking this medicine regularly I control the pressure and ischemia attacks. Atenolol allows me to do favourite things, sports and I feel great.

  • Elizabeth, 24, Philadelphia

Hi, all. I have tachycardia since childhood. At first I didn't feel discomfort but till 20 years old I felt every beat of my heart, I was really scared. My cardiologist prescribed me Atenolol and told me that it was one of the best products. My boyfriend recommended me to buy Atenolol online who told me that this medicine would cost cheaper in online pharmacy. Atenolol works and helps to regulate the heart rate. But when the medicines is not taken, the rate is increased. Therefore I have been taking Atenolol for 4 years and I am satisfied by the results so far. There is no such effective medicine.

  • Michael, 32, Portland

In the setting of the often stresses I had the arterial hypertension. At first I took the usual hypotensive medicines but the heart became to work worse, and the doctor recommended me Atenolol. Atenolol not only helped me to reduce the arterial pressure but also reduce the load to the heart, regulate the heart rate, and reduce the risk of the complications. I am satisfied by this drug, and I don't see the alternative so far.

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