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Differin is the newest medical remedy for the treatment and prophylaxis of acne in teenagers and adults. The active components of the drug act during different forms of acne, and therefore this remedy is used not only to reduce the adolescent acne but also treat acne microbial forms in adults.

The main active component of this drug is Adapalene. This component belongs to the medical group of retinoids, however it is regarded the new generation of this group. Due to the more active molecular formula this remedy better acts in the most nonstandard situations, and unlike most retinoids it does not have the expressed side effects.

It is better to use this drug on the initial stage of the acne development, level of camedones. In this case, the patient will manage to prevent the appearance of comedo and cure the skin disease on the stage of the development.

Its active action Differin performs by means of keratinization providing also the anti-inflammatory action to the skin. The action mechanism of Adapalene is based on the interaction with specific receptors of epidermal cells of the skin. Binding these receptors the drug may control the activity of sebaceous glands and prevent the embolism of the sebaceous channels, and so it reduces preconditions for the formation of micro-comedones.

Differin is prescribed patients diagnosed acne or comedones. It may be used together with antibiotics or any peroral drugs to increase the efficiency of the antiacneic therapy. However, if there is a necessity of the combination of two drugs, it is needed to consult a doctor and find out about their possible medical interaction.

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Common Use

  • Differin cream is prescribed patients with dry and sensitive skin. Differin cream does not suit well the greasy skin in comparison with gel.
  • Cream may be applied both to entire face and certain inflammatory places. The drug must not be rubbed, it should be resolved.
  • Before using the cream it is necessary to clean the face (not alcohol lotion or soap). It is better to use special gels or lotions for washing. If you do not have such, it is possible to wash with warm water and wipe skin dry.
  • The dosage frequency of Differin cream is once per day. It is recommended to apply the drug for the night, or in the evening. The drug does not leave any marks on the skin.
  • The course of the treatment is about 3 months. As the results will be notice in one month it is necessary to continue the therapy in order to fasten the result.


  • it is necessary to avoid the areas of lips, nasal mucosa, and eyes. If Differin cream reached these areas, it is necessary to wash off the drug and wipe this place in order to avoid the damages of the mucous coats.
  • Differin cream is contraindicated in case of eczema, children under 12 years, dermatitis, allergy to retinoids, and also open wounds and burns of the skin.
  • It is not recommended to take the drug together with components which dry the skin: alcohol, drugs of sulfur, zinc, and salicylic acid.
  • It is unknown the influence of the active component Adapalene to the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women are not recommended to use this drug for the treatment of acne. Also, it is not recommended to use cream during breast-feeding because the active components of the drug may reach the breast milk.
  • In the period of the drug use it is necessary to avoid the active stay on the sun and ultraviolet irradiation owing to the possible light irritation of the skin.

Possible Uncomfortable side effects

As it was mentioned Differin cream is better tolerated than other retinoids and causes less side effects. The side reactions may be caused by the incorrect use of the drug. If the cream is rubbed into the skin, the patient may develop the redness and severe peeling of the skin.

The most common reactions are dry skin, light itching, and peeling.

If the patient experience the allergic reaction, severe itching, inflammation in the area of the cream application during the use of the drug, it is necessary to terminate the use of the drug immediately and see a health care provider.

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Testimonials :

Lillian, 23, Los Angeles

I exhausted many drugs, methods in the folk medicine, and many beyond it. The effect was but different, good one and bad one. I have been using Differin for 2 weeks (which is not enough for the appearance of the effect in the treatment of acne eruption). The first improvements I felt on the 3d day: the content of the blackheads was removed on their own, or while pressing on it. A minus was some worsening of the skin but it was permissible according to the instruction because the drug removes the deep comedone via the inflammation. In general, I am satisfied with Differin, and I recommend it to all who have the same problems with the skin.

  • Garry, 19, West Jordan

My friend who also treated acne recommended me Differin. After the use of Differin a stable effect was noticed, comedone (blackheads) stopped bothering me. I think that Differin cream suits for people who have dry skin or combined skin. I recommend using the cream in the evening applying it by thin layer to pure skin. I tried using the cream with lotion but it turned out that it contained ethyl. I do not recommend you to use Differin with any lotion with ethyl, clean your face with salicyl alcohol and cologne water. Differin works for me perfectly. I recommend all people to try this drug in case of the light and middle level of the acne.

  • Ann, 26, NY

Differin cream is a new remedy for the treatment of pimples and acne. I heard about it but I did not use it because the reviews were contradictory. And the treatment, as it is said in the instruction, should be prolonged. So what if it doesn't help? - this thought stopped me. But finally the dermatologist I turned to persuaded me to start the treatment with Differin. I noticed a significant improvement of the skin, it became smoother, there were fewer pimples. In 3 months I used Differin rarely just maintaining the skin in good condition.

  • Brianna, 21, Las Vegas

I am satisfied with the result from Differin cream. To see the effect it is needed to use it for about 3 months. By my results: 1 month of the usale - zero effect, 2 months - 50% of the usefulness, and 3 months - 100%. It is very important to not increase the dose and use the drug according to the instruction. Then you will not have the side effects, and there will be no spots because of the pimples. Differin is a super remedy.

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