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Yaz is a mixed dental beginning management tablet. This medication contains drospirenone and ethinylestradiol, elements based on the females sex-related testosterone.

Yaz allows the lady to management the ovulation. The female’s sex-related testosterone reduce the growing of the ovule and there is no perception in case of the infiltrating of spermatozoa. The growing of the ovule happens only when the lady does not take the tablets and the ovulation happens presently.

Also, a big level of gestagen causes the improve of the natural release of the cervical mucous. The viscosity of this mucous is so great that spermatozoa cannot go through inside the womb and reach the ovule.

As the beginning management tablet Yaz is taken without prescribed. However, the hormone component of this solution allows females to deal with the signs of the change of life and PMS. This medication is efficient to avoid poor bones in females in the interval of the post-menopause.

Estradiol added into this medication makes up the absence of estrogens in the whole body after the start of the change of life and provides the efficient therapy of the psychoemotional and vegetative climacteric signs (such as hot cleanse, great perspiration, sleep problem, improved anxious irritability).

Buy Yaz Online

Common Use

In purchase to buy Yaz on the internet it is necessary to find out the objective of the tablet use. If you are going to take the medication to cure the conditions linked with the change of life, it is necessary to seek advice from a physician. In other cases, the therapy may be began without assistance following the training.

The tablets of Yaz are for sale in the special eruption card with 24 hours. It is necessary to take the tablets every day without losing any dosage. After the complete per month course it is necessary to make a break for 4 times. The ovulation has to be began within these 4 times. The use of the tablets must be began from the 5th day.

If you didn't remember to take the daily dosage, it is necessary to reject from the unsecured lovemaking because the healing effect of the medication may become poor and this will not carry 100% assurance of the contraception method.

Within that period interval as you take the tablets you will be secured from the undesirable maternity. Therefore, it is better to buy Yaz on the internet for several months in advance to avoid the unexpected lack of the tablets.


If the individual is noticed the uterine bleedings of the unidentified source, neoplasms of the genital area, distinct heart or kidney failing, it is necessary to seek advice from a physician.
Women should remove the use of Yaz during maternity or in the interval of the lactation. This may cause the problem of the unborn infant growth.

Possible Side effects

The adverse reactions of Yaz do not carry the damage to the females whole body and do not require the immediate medical involvement. Frequently, the adverse reactions are linked with minor hormone changes as a result of the tablet use. This may be frustration, faintness, poor point, apathy, stomachache, hydropsy, and improve of the womb.

Taking Yaz without prescribed every lady has to remember that she requires upon herself the liability for the performance of the contraception method. Therefore, if you have questions, you may seek advice from a physician or pharmacologist.

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Testimonials :

Anna, 23, Dallas

My doctor prescribed me Yaz when I found out that condoms cause the irritation of the mucous of the genitals. Taking Yaz I am confident in my protection from the unwanted pregnancy and this drug has never done me down within the last two years.

Jessica, 27, New Jersey

After divorce I prefer to have an active sex life. Yaz drug saves me from the unwanted pregnancy. I buy it in your online pharmacy because you have the lowest prices at Yaz among all pharmacies. The purchase of Yaz will be cheaper than an abortion, and therefore it is better to take care of your safety and only then have intimacy.

  • Nicky, 20, Florida
My boyfriend and I do not like sensations with condom during sex. But we take care of our safety, and therefore I have decided to buy Yaz. I’ve found out that it is one of the safest oral contraceptions which does not cause hormonal changes and problems. I take Yaz every day for one year already and I am satisfied with the result. That’s why I recommend it girls who want real sensations.

  • Mary, 31, Washington

After the birth of the first child I decided that I need a long and safe way of the contraception which will not cause problems with having another child. My gynecologist recommended me oral remedy Yaz. These tabs act from the first day and provide a very good protection against the pregnancy during the regular use. And if you want to become pregnant it is necessary to stop taking the drug, and you will be able to become pregnant in one month or so.

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